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women's health

my heart goes out to the women i have the privilege to serve. oftentimes they have been struggling with period health, hormonal health, sexual health, conception, pregnancy, headaches, migraines & more. they tell me stories of not being heard in healthcare clinics, only given medication as a option, or simply told they have to live with whatever symptoms they have. our bodies are remarkable, and if given time, care, & nutrition they can do remarkable things! i am here to serve the women, like you that want to take charge of their health & their life. 


you have precious cargo and i want to make it as comfortable & as exciting as it can be for you.  mom's like you have morning sickness, headaches, neck pain, low back, "stuck" babies, and more.  as a advocate for women, i want you to have your best pregnancy.  We all have our own journey, and i want yours to be happy, pain free, healthy, and ideal a birth without complication. i am here for you! 

Newborn Baby


I was a brand new mom, chiropractor, and my son was struggling.  he had trouble latching, gaining weight, and it hurt. if that sounds familiar, you are not alone.  I have been there. it is difficult, some moms have expressed that they feel like they are failing their child.  us moms will go to the ends of the internet to figure out what was going on with our baby. thankfully other moms had gone through something similar and shared their story. our son ended up having tethered oral tissue (TOTs).  since that experience i have dedicated my time to helping other moms and their precious babies.  no one mom should have to feel like they are failing. I am here for you and baby. 

NDD & Sensory Concerns

"Expecting miracles" is something we say in the office.  Incredible children and families experiencing "miracles" or "wins" as they are commonly called.  funny, amazing, & intelligent kids struggling with attention, focus, adhd, autism, ocd, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, digestive, bed wetting, & more.  

**care is not designed to diagnosis or treat any condition**

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everyone else 

What if you are not in one of the above categories?  we are still here for you! everyday we receive phone calls from dads with low back pain or from a dentist with neck pain & headaches.  you are in good hands with us.  your goals are our goals.  whether you want to play with your kids without pain, or play a game of golf without having to take a bottle of advil.  or maybe you are a woman suffering with headaches or migraines.  it doesn't matter, we still care about you and would like to help you if we can.