Sensory & Spectrum Care


Neurological development is the time when or little brains are most susceptible to the impact of stress. Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD) are diagnosis or symptoms of developmental & milestone interruption.


ADHD & Autism are 2 of the most commonly discussed NDD diagnosis.


However, many other diagnosis fall under the NDD banner. 


Examples of other diagnosis under the NDD banner include Obsessive compulsive behavior (OCD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD),  Tics & Tourettes, Dyslexia, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Developmental Language Disorder ( DLD) & Dyscalculia. 


The fact that all of these fall under developmental disorders tells you something important, disruptions or alterations are occurring during development.  These disruptions or alternations are causing a change in the trajectory of development.  


The example I like to use is that of flying from New York City to Los Angelos (LA).  If the plane is off by as little as 3 degrees your flight will end up in California, but it will not end up in LA. Development is very similar.  The brain during development is expanding and making connections at such an incredible rate that minor deviations can cause us to miss milestones.  


Unfortunately we are seeing more and more children missing milestones.  Disruptions to development are becoming more common. Yes, some of this increase is because we are becoming better aware, but better awareness does not account for upwards 50% of the new cases. 


When it comes to helping any child we must start by identifying where we are in development.


The brain develops bottom to top, inside out, back to front much like a flower blossoming. 


Understanding how the brain develops and finding the clues left behind is the KEY to improving the lives of our children and their families.  We must know if primitive reflexes still exist, how coordinated is their gross motor movement, how coordinated is their fine motor movement, how are the eyes impacting their system, and more.  If we are not looking for these fundamental clues, we are missing the integral data on how to best serve these families. 


My focus is identifying how integrated, regulated, and in control their brains are.  The first step is testing the system and finding what is going on.  Finding the clues left behind like primitive reflexes, posture, movement efficiency, and how the brain is interrupting the environment.