Prenatal chiropractic care

is one of Dr. Brittney’s main focus in the office; she has done extensive training in prenatal work & techniques with the goal being to help you have one of the best and most empowered experiences of your life(as your creating one).  


Research shows that prenatal chiropractic care contributes to greater comfort throughout pregnancy and delivery.  It also assist in a more straight forward labor with less trauma and pain for momma and baby. It encourages optimal baby position though proper balance and alignment of the spine and pelvis.  It relieves neck, back and pelvic pain. 


Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps to restore adaption of the nervous system and body to the rapidly developing changes that are occurring to mom and babies bodies.  Regular chiropractic adjustments assist the body in creating an ideal posture and alignment of the spine and pelvis. 


No matter where you are in your journey of pregnancy, having a nervous system that is adapting and connected creates the optimal environment for a comfortable, healthy & empowered pregnancy.