Inattention - What Is Their Behavior Telling You?

The 3rd behavior is one of the most talked about forms of communication. At some point we all struggle with inattention. The inability to gather our faculties together and focus on ONE task. For some it appears near impossible, like a 2 year old in a candy shop, and for others it appears to be a superpower (more on this later). Attention can be seeing the forest or it can be only seeing the tree, both are forms of attention.


Our survival has been dependent on our ability to bounce back and forth between global attention and detailed attention. Oftentimes kiddos with different neurodevelopmental diagnosis struggle with different forms of inattention. It is important to understand that inattention is a form of communication. At times we have all struggled with inattention and focus. Whether every squirrel grabs our attention or the little minute fuzzy on the ground grabs our attention, they are both telling us something. Both behaviors are crucial for understanding our child's world, their strengths, and their struggles.

What does your child’s inattention tell you?

Dr. Bryan

*This information is for education or entertainment purposes and is not designed to diagnose, treat, or be a recommendation. It is your responsibility to seek out the appropriate healthcare professionals.*

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