Constipation is common, but it is not normal

My kid doesn’t poop 💩 for a week”

“The child only poops 💩 with Miralax”

“My doctor says it’s ok to keep taking Miralax”

As a parent... I get it. Your kiddo needs to poop. Pooping is vital for health and your sanity. Because a kid that hasn’t pooped for 7-10 days can’t be a happy camper.

However, did you know that 7 days is the longest Bayer suggest you be on Miralax. I find this scary.

I find this especially scary since pedestrians are keeping kids on it indefinitely.

INDEFINITELY! Pooping is a natural function. A function the body is suppose to do 2-3x a day! How is this not a massive red flag 🚩!?

How is chronic constipation ok as long as you are taking Miralax!?

Mom and Dad, would it be “ok” for you to use a catheter to pee? Unless you’ve had some serious brain or spinal cord damage.... the answer is NOPE!

Constipation is apparently extremely common. We must have received 25 messages/phone calls last month.

“My kiddo doesn’t poop for days. My doctor has kept my kid on Miralax for 2 years now. We don’t think we can take them off. Once we stop using it, they stop pooping.”

Common... NOT NORMAL!

Parents, kids should be pooping frequently. If they do not, they are not Miralax deficient. They are stressed out kids. Their nervous system is not working.

Let’s stop this madness.

Let’s poop 💩 again.

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Dr. Bryan

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