Behavior- What Is Your Child Trying To Tell You

Behavior is one of the most misunderstood forms of communication, especially when it comes to children for the kiddos I see. Oftentimes their behavior is misunderstood as laziness, rebellion, defiance, disobedience or some other label. The problem all starts with an inability to convey their struggles, and a misinterpretation of their behavior (Betty White Hangry). One of my favorite commercials of all time is the Betty White Snickers commercial. We all understand the snickers slogan “You are not you when you are hungry”.

We’ve all been a little hangry at some point, the difference is we understand what it means to be hangry. However, we might not always be able to understand our kiddos' struggles. No, this does not make us a bad parent, it just means we need to learn their communication. Just like if you were to start dating someone from another country, you need to understand their customs, behaviors, and communication for your relationship to be successful. The first thing we need to do as parents is step back and observe. Take in the forest so that you can understand the trees. When we lock in on the tree, we miss the forests. Observe, observe, observe.

Dr. Bryan

*This information is for education or entertainment purposes and is not designed to diagnose, treat, or be a recommendation. It is your responsibility to seek out the appropriate healthcare professionals.*

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