Bed Wetting- Genetic or Neurological

The other day, I found myself scrolling on facebook, and I just so happened to come across a mother who was dealing with an issue that often goes unaddressed. This poor family had tried everything to help their child. They even tried botox injection into the bladder. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to make that choice for her 13 year old son. The doctors had told her it was most likely genetic but the genetic testing came up inconclusive.

Common struggles I see:

🆘Bed wetting

🆘Difficulty potty training

🆘Focus & bed wetting

Many parents are at a loss for how to help their children. Oftentimes told to restrict water intake, evacuate bladder before bed, and hope for the best. Some kiddos do have success with that but many do not. Recently I had a mother tell me she was told her child’s bed wetting was “genetic”. Generational bed wetting is real. However, when people think of genetics they think “born with it”. My clinical experience has been very encouraging when it comes to bed wetting and familial causation. Approximately 90% of the kiddos I see that have bed wetting concerns resolve within a few weeks of care. Neurological stress is the most common culprit. Our brains are incredible organs. They have a particular way in which they develop. When development is altered because of stress or trauma, the brain takes another pathway. The altered path is never a more efficient way, but it is a way. Like traveling to downtown Dallas; you can take the North Dallas Tollway or you can take every side street to get there. The quickest and most efficient way to get there is the toll. Bed wetting is so often a symptom of a tired, exhausted, and inefficient brain that just needs a little help finding the tollway.

The key to all success is an understanding of what is going on. Comprehensive history, examination, and care is why we are successful.

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