Are you breathing correctly?

The perfect neurostorm is here! This stress storm of physical, chemical, emotional stressors has made contact. Behaviors will start changing, if they haven’t already. Behavior is communication.  Behavior is communication.  Behavior is communication.  Why repeat it 3 times?  Because this is so important!  Parents, teachers, adults will all see behavioral changes but often do not see it as communication.  Oftentimes we see it as acceptable or unacceptable.  We should be viewing it as communication instead.  Negative or unacceptable behavior should be viewed as “I cannot handle the physical, chemical, or emotional stresses right now.”  As our brains become stressed and our brains drop back from the higher parts of the brain to the lower parts of our brain involved with fight or flight...we communicate in a manner appropriate for fight or flight.  Fight or flight is survival mode.  Fight, flight, or freeze are survival responses.  So when behaviors change, whether they be fight, flight, or freeze, please recognize those as stress responses.   

Today’s video is on breathe work and how we can utilize that.  Our breathing is altered under stress, for instance when you exercise (stress).  Your breathing rate increases.  The reverse is possible though as well.  If we can control our breathing, we can control our stress response.  Parents, if you child will not corporate, is not old enough, or simply cannot focus long enough...I want you to still do this!  Why? Because I want you out of your brainstem.  Nothing can be accomplished when 2 individuals are in their brainstems.  2 brains stuck in fight or flight causes a war.  

I am a fan of 2 breathing exercises. You might like another form, perfect. By all means follow that regimen.

#1 I love Wim Hof method.  He has an app you can buy to take you through breathe work. Plenty of youtube videos out there.  I personally take 30 breathes in, you can do slow or fast, and afterward I take my 30ish breath, I hold my breath as long as possible.  Holding your breath increases carbon dioxide, which allows for a better exchange of oxygen.  Carbon dioxide increase can literally improve your oxygen intake!  How cool is that!  Also, as carbon dioxide increases your brain tends to calm down. You become more relaxed. 

#2 6 second inhale, 6 second exhale.  Repeat until your brain starts to calm down.  Elite individuals like to use techniques like this under high demand situations to calm down and refocus. It is easy and you do not have to hold your breathe. 

As always, this information is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.  You should always seek medical advice from your primary care physician before trying anything,  

I hope that you are able to utilize breathe work to help take your brain out of fight or flight. 

As always, if I can help...let me know.

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