Preconception care & natural fertility what lights a fire within Dr. Brittney.  She has always had a passion for children - specifically children that were struggling.  The ‘why' behind what was happening was always at the center of her practice.  Her goal was to not only assist those kiddos bodies into a healthier life but ideally prevent the issues from occurring in the first place.  This desire was increased after the birth of her first born; although she had an uneventful and healthy pregnancy, her son was born with a short cord(making delivery take longer than necessary) & he had TOTs(tethered oral tissues).  After seeing and going through the struggles first hand, she needed answers, she needed to know the 'why' behind it, so she could prevent it from happening with their future family. 


This started a long journey of research and education.  During her search she came across Dr. Marcia Schaefer and the ‘Schaefer protocol’.  It resonated so deeply with Dr. Brittney’s desires that she has since become a mastery level doctor and thrives serving families that are looking to conceive, struggling to conceive, or are just desiring to have the healthiest outcome possible. 


The Schaefer protocol is a holistic approach to balance the healthy ecosystem of the body and allow it to function and adapt the way it was designed. This brings the body back to a state of true health - and healthy people have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!