Family takes care of family

 One of the biggest differentiators of our office between others is that we are a family who loves to see other families.  We know what its like to be a parent, we know that oftentimes we put everyone else’s needs before ours.  We also know that a family that gets care together is healthier, less stressed and overall thriving; it creates the optimal environment for a vibrant, growing and healthy family unit.  


Many adults that come to DSC report improved

  • energy levels

  • better stress management

  • fewer headaches and pain

  •  increased mobility

  • hormone function and regulation 

  • better immune & digestive function

  • and so much more...

If your not a mom or dad don’t worry, you don’t have to be to be a part of our awesome DSC Tribe; we love seeing adults to help enhance their health as well.