Meet Dr. Bryan Asby

My purpose is to help the kiddos like me and to give hope to the families struggling in our community.  


I was a 5 year old, chronically sick, chronically congested, asthmatic kid.  The asthma attacks were severe enough to bring me the hospital several times.  A few times I had to stay the night.  One can only imagine the fear you have as a parent when you child is gasping for air.  I remember the anxiety of feeling like I could not catch my breath. 


You know when you have an itch you can’t scratch and someone gets it for you.  That is the relief I felt!  As if my brain and body had this immense irritation and the chiropractic adjustment was the scratch I need to get some relief.  I went from the asthmatic who had several breathing scares a year to none at all.  It has been 31 years since my last asthma attack.  


















Miracle story?  No.  The adjustment allowed for my ribs to move properly and my lungs to get what they needed.  No more asthma attacks! Woohoo! Please do not misconstrued my story.  In high school I still struggled with sprints and conditioning because a “stitch” in my side.   It was not uncommon for me to catch colds.  


Oftentimes we read miracle stories and think if only I got an adjustment all would be better.  The ING in healing means it is a process.  In college went back to chiropractor for sports injuries.  After consistent care the stitch in my side  went away, the chronic colds were less, my allergies have improved, and ultimately I am much healthier. 


I (we) believe the body can function at its best when the brain-body connection is strong and working effectively.  If your body is functioning at its best, your mind and spirit can also function at its best.  All healing takes time.  All healing requires the brain and body to communicate properly.