Chet & Tinsley


are the welcomers, baby players, high fivers, mess creators and almost always smiling faces you’ll see every time you come to DSC; they also happen to be Drs. Bryan and Brittney’s kiddos. 


They aren’t twins but the question is often asked, they are 16 months apart and each others best friend.  You’ll oftentimes find Chet doing Spiderman moves, with Tinsley not far behind trying to freeze him by being Elsa. 


They love seeing each and every ‘friend’ that comes through the doors.  It was always a dream and goal for Drs. Bryan and Brittney to have a family practice that not only included seeing families but allowed them to also have their family present.  So be prepared to see smiles, hugs, laughter and ‘moves’ when you are at the office.

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